Couture Service – Design Your Own Gown!

If you have decided that you would like to design your own wedding dress for a truly unique feel then book an appointment with our in-house designer.IMG_0098

What to expect

Couture Bridal Dress Consultation:

You should allow a minimum of two hours for the initial consultation.

Bring to the appointment any ideas that you have had.  We have several brochures/magazines to help you be inspired but, if possible, bring your own pictures from magazines or photos you have including any fabric samples you may have found which show the texture or pattern you want or even just a colour and we can turn all of these into your dream dress.

Together we will explore different necklines, skirt shapes, details and discuss fabric options.  The designer will then prepare a rough sketch for your approval and take your measurements.   A cost estimate for the gown will be prepared for you and a 50% non-refundable deposit taken.

Please note that we will not copy another designer’s dress – we will happily be inspired by any dress but the finished design must be original.

The Next Stage – From Sketch To Pattern:

All couture gowns will have a Calico toile made first.  This is where we iron out any fitting problems to ensure that your final gown will be perfect.  Please expect the fabric to look rough – it is sturdy enough to take all the pinning, cutting, stitching and unstitching required to make the blueprint for your dress – this means it isn’t particularly pretty to look at!

Custom Design

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You will be invited to attend a number of fittings to ensure a good fit in the calico and this also gives you the opportunity to see how the dress looks in terms of shaping so that any adjustments can be made to the pattern before we commit to the final fabric.  Examples of adjustments might be that the neckline requires a steeper curve for your shape or you might want the skirt to be flatter or more bouncy etc.

If you have it, please bring your bridal lingerie to fittings so we can make sure that your pattern accounts for any uplifting or re-shaping caused by it.

Expect lots of pinning, drawing and possible cutting to occur during your calico fitting appointments – we want the gown to be perfect for you, it must follow your contours and posture so we must use you as the mannequin!

We know that you are excited to get to the finished product but please bear with it – alterations made at this stage minimise the alterations on your actual gown fabric later on and ensure that you walk down the aisle a happy bride.

Final Fittings – The Beautiful Gown Emerges

We would normally expect to have 2-3 fittings in the final fabric stages of construction.  All of the hard work will have been done on the calico.  If you’ve not brought your bridal lingerie to the calico fittings then please ensure that you bring it to the fittings in the final fabric so we can make sure that your gown will still fit properly.

As the fittings progress you will see your gown really take shape and all of the little details such as beading or embroidery that make the gown uniquely yours will be added.

We prefer to carry out your last fitting at least 1 month prior to your wedding date so that any last minute adjustments can be made in plenty of time ensuring that you have a stress free lead up to your special day (well at least where your dress is concerned anyway!).

At your last appointment we will take the final payment for your gown and make arrangements to have it pressed and packed, ready for collection.IMG_0237

Congratulations!  You have a couture wedding dress!


We also take commissions for bespoke bridesmaid, flowergirl and prom dresses – please ask for details.