Sample Wedding Dress Sale

Claire Mischevani - Grazioso
Sample on sale - Ivory, size 12. Was £2,700, now £1,550

Frequently asked questions


What is a sample wedding dress?

A sample wedding dress is a dress that we have purchased for brides to use for trying on in store.  When a bride makes a decision on a dress style we then order them a brand new one in their size and our sample stays with us for other brides to try on.


When do you have sample sales?

We regularly have sample wedding dresses available for sale at a reduced price.  We will try to get them all uploaded to our online shop but do come in store as there may be other styles and accessories etc also available.  If you are looking specifically for samples on sale please make sure you let us know when you book so we can make sure that you are shown everything we have in that category.


How much cheaper is it to buy a sample wedding dress?

Dresses are marked down by upto 75% off the recommended retail price.  This reflects the fact that the dresses are not brand new and have been used in store and should not be used as a guide for trying to haggle on a brand new gown!.


Wow – that’s a great discount – what’s wrong with the dress?

In short – nothing!  The sample wedding dresses are identical in make and manufacture to the brand new ones – these too were brand new dresses once!  As mentioned above, the reduction reflects that they are second hand.  The dress will be on sale for a number of reasons including, but not limited to, that the style has been discontinued, we are no longer proposing to stock a designer’s label, it’s from an old collection and we need to make room for a newer line on our rails.

Where samples have been used a lot, there will be inevitable wear and tear.  We will always repair any problems (eg missing beads, loose zips etc) on our sample gowns, and spot clean them where necessary, before putting them on the sale rail.  We take good care of our gowns and we still take pride in ensuring that our sample sale dress is perfect for the bride that falls in love with it.

We ask that you remove any jewellery, watches etc before you try the sample dresses on as we have to remember that this will likely be someone’s wedding dress and so we must treat it with care and respect to avoid damage.


What if I change my mind?

This is unfortunate and the reason why we suggest brides really think about the purchase before committing as we cannot accept returns on sample sale items.  All purchases are final.  There are many places that you can market your wedding dress online and we are happy to let you know the details of the gown and what the RRP is for you to use in your marketing campaign should you be in this position.  Clearly this does not affect your statutory rights.


Ok, this all sounds good so, now I’ve found my sample wedding dress, how do I secure it?

We recognise that, despite being discounted, a wedding dress can still be a significant purchase and its not always possible to buy it outright straight away.  In order to secure your sample we require a non-refundable down payment to remove the dress from the rail and put it in to storage.  This figure will vary depending on the sale value of the dress but use 25% as a guide.  You can then spread the remaining payments as you need to provided that the dress is fully paid for 2 months prior to your wedding date.  Be assured that, once your gown is removed from the rail, no-one else will be able to try on (or even see!) your dress.